This blog is to record small trips and adventures between our larger/longer trips.

Well the time has finally come to go on a small trip.

As you can see from the pictures below, we have have more stuff than we had last year. We each now tow an Extra-Wheel trailer equipped with a pair of panniers. This will enable us to carry the extra food and fuel that we will require on a future trip. The trailers can carry 35 kilos (77 lbs). We have been out a few times with them around Ottawa and suffice to say they attract puzzled looks and generate much interest.

This past Sunday on our way to Leonard, ON another cyclist, André Marier caught up to us and the three of us had a nice chat, about bicycle touring. Turns out André is a very experienced touring cyclist and has pedaled more than 180,000 km. What is even more amazing is that last year, at age 79 he pedaled over 9,500 km. We learned a lot just talking to him. We were also somewhat very envious of his custom built touring bike. 

The up coming trip is from home to Ormstown, Quebec a distance of 220 km. Ormstown is the start point for 'La Petite Aventure' an annual 3 -day family event organized by VéloQuébec. We will be there as Encadreur(e)! in support of the event.

We will be gone for a nice and relaxing 9 day road trip. In addition to the trailer, we will be trying out our new Trangia alcohol stove and our new double sleeping mattress from Exped. This large double air mattress will work great with our quilt.

We will try to keep you up to date in our daily blog.

Hélène et Daniel


         2014 - Tour de la Gaspesie 2014
         2015 - Vancouver to Ottawa

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